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The 1961-1962 Era
The following Corvettes are all from the years 1961 and 1962. ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales has the world famous collection of classic Corvettes. ProTeam has two type Corvettes on display: (A) Corvette for sale cars which include many very nice Corvettes which are actively marketed and for sale and (B) The Collection which include some of the rarest Corvettes ever made. These cars are not actively marketed but are on display and many have been invited to very special shows around the country. We would consider offers on our collection cars should that offer advance our position. Complete description with photos and prices are located here on line. Money Back Guarantee. Delivery, finance, and insurance are available here on line. Review our condition codes before making any purchase. Please read our descriptions carefully as we attempt to answer many very important questions and give you, the purchaser, peace of mind. Have a specific question or request -

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Significant Historical Corvette Facts: 1961 and 1962 Corvettes

1035D..1962 Corvette Ben Moore #18 Fuelie Race Car with RPO-687 heavy duty brakes, suspension, fast steering adapter, 3.70 posi, wide wheels and double front sway bars (part of Sebring Race Package). Also has pro-mounted Maroon roll bar with drill test hole. Honduras Maroon paint with Fawn interior, White racing stripes (ghost) with original seats, dash pad, gauges, steering wheel, and a full tonneau cover when found. Also had a small driver side racing windshield, rally racing lights, and a hardtop earlier in its life. VIN #20867S101361 was raced by Ben Moore (Hauser Chevrolet) in 1962 (race #18) when he won the Northeast SCCA A-Production Divisional Championship. Raced at Marlboro (April 1962), V.I.R. (April 1962), Cumberland (May 1962), Vineland (May 1962), Bridgehampton (June 1962), and Watkins Gen (June 1962). Body-off restoration by "The Crew" at ProTeam Corvette and now in show condition. Documentation includes 4-year exhaustive research done by Bill Gould/Auto Ancestry, race photos, race grid sheets, SCCA records, and several 3-ring binders. Also included are the forensic photos during research and disassembly. We still need to locate the rally lights and install the race numbers. CC:1 $300,000.00 Email:
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1037K..1962 Corvette Convertible, two tops, 327-360 hp, (fuel injected), 4 speed, numbers matching original motor, transmission and rear. Roman Red paint with Black interior and Black soft top. Original and unrestored survivor in very nice condition. A previous owner, a Bloomington Gold judge, used this unique time machine as a guide to evaluate other 1962 fuelies as to their correctness. These original unmolested cars are among the rarest of rare and are rising to the top of the Corvette food chain as unrestored cars are used as guideposts for restorers, shining a light on the way vehicles were originally built. The solid feel of an excellent unrestored car cannot be overstated! Optioned with auxiliary hardtop, T-10 transmission, 4.11 posi, Wonderbar radio, fuel injection, off road exhaust, RPO-242 PCV (positive crankage ventilation), sunvisors, windshield washers, courtesy light, heater, hubcaps, and white stripe tires. Most all factory correct type components including the spare, jack, jack tools, trunk mat, trunk liner, taillight cones, rebound straps, shocks, seat belts, washer system, tar top battery, shifter, shielding, air cleaner, generator, distributor, spark plug shields, hoses, hose clamps, valve covers, F.I. unit, F.I. fuel filter, finned balancer, expansion tank, radiator, guide Y-50 mirror, owners manual, sales brochure, and two T-3 headlights. Documented with a letter of authenticity from Joe S Calcagno Jr. a master judge and past owner. Also has a positive inspection report (letter) from Al Grenning pertaining to the engine pad surface and VIN/engine codes. From the Reggie Jackson (Mr. October) collection. Production date of April 19th, 1962 and delivered new by Citizens Chevrolet in Eagle Rock, CA (dealer code 091 in zone 20) per the official NCRS/GM shipping data records (SDR). This Corvette has yet to be shown, creating an exciting opportunity for the next owner to exhibit the car and compete for trophies, awards, and recognition! Looks, runs, and drives very nice. CC:2 $110,000.00
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1002M..1962 Corvette Convertible, 327-360 hp, fuel injection, 4 speed, numbers matching motor and chassis but has Wisconsin state issued and installed VIN tag. Roman Red paint with matching Red interior and White soft top. Body-off restored (older) with nice cosmetics. Optioned with T-10 transmission, 3.70 posi, Wonderbar radio, fuel injection, GM off road exhaust, sunvisors, windshield washers, courtesy light, heater, hubcaps, and redline radial tires. Most all factory correct type components including the spare, trunk mat, trunk liner, rebound straps, seat belts, washer system, shifter, air cleaner, hoses, hose clamps, F.I. unit, F.I. fuel filter, finned balancer, guide Y-50 mirror, owners manual, and sales brochure. CC:+3 Consigned to the Mecum Indy Collector Car Auction on May 20th-22nd, 2021
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1014P..1962/1999 CRC Conversion C5 Convertible, LS7-505 hp, automatic, build number P-4, 26,418 actual miles. Roman Red paint with a custom Red on Black two-tone interior and Black soft top. The 1962 CRC conversion is a custom one-off build completed by Classic Reflections Coachworks with the help of Boeing to produce precise molding to create a breathable, durable, and high strength product. Meticulously applied to a 1999 Corvette C5 convertible with all modern options remaining intact and functional. Every exterior panel on this original C5 Corvette was replaced with a computer engineered proprietary carbon fiber panel and retrofitting them on this modern day Corvette chassis to produce the look of a classic Corvette that could be driven and enjoyed with modern safety and performance of today's Corvettes. Each CRC retro-Corvette took over 900 hours to complete. The conversion was designed to use factory stock parts (hinges, wiring, interior appointments). The bumpers and most of the chrome trim was manufactured specifically for CRCoachworks, or by CRC, with some of them being chromed carbon fiber. Panels and trim were custom fit and the car was painted the color selected by the customer leaving intact the transmission, interior, instrumentation, convertible top, and factory modern safety air bags and crash protection. Personalized 18 front/19 rear 1962 style aluminum wheels. Most all 1999 factory comfort and convenience options. Documented with the window sticker, owners manual leather pouch, show board, and featured in the November 2006 Corvette Enthusiast magazine. Formerly owned by Trim Parts who manufactured parts for the CRC conversions. Innovative and nostalgic, this custom conversion is really worthy of attention! Looks, runs, and drives excellent. CC:1 $110,000.00
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Significant Historical Corvette Facts: 1961 and 1962 Corvettes

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